You’ve been searching for homes online, driving by interesting properties in your car, and found one that looks perfect - What do you do next... contact the listing agent on the sign? 

While that may sound like the most logical step, it’s a common home buying mistake made due largely to mis-information.  

It's easy to make the assumption that It’s best to contact the listing agent because they’re already familiar with the property.

However, the fact is the agent on the yard sign DOES know the property, but that’s because they’ve been hired by the owners to help sell it. That’s what listing agents do. Their job is to represent sellers in property transactions, marketing properties to potential buyers and helping sellers earn as much as possible on the sale. 

Does that sound like an agent who will be looking out for YOUR best interests? Buyers are better served if they avoid the listing agent (anything you tell them may hurt your negotiating position) and select a buyer’s agent to arrange a showing—someone who will represent YOUR financial and legal interests in a transaction.